Silvent InTech has a global network with a vast knowledge of manufacturing processes and a specialization in steelmaking. They are highly experienced in combining industry competence, new technologies, and their in-depth knowledge of compressed air blowing into reliable solutions.

Continuous support is our mission

As a partner supporting the steel industry’s commitment to continuous improvement, we understand our responsibility doesn’t end when product installation is complete. And, we take this responsibility seriously. During steel production, there are many variables that can change and affect steel quality. Therefore, a solution that worked at installation may need to be adjusted or modified based on minor changes in the production process. When this happens, Silvent is always there working with the steel mill engineers to ensure an optimal result.

Quality people. Quality steel.


“You don’t have to be an expert in the field to succeed. But, of course, it helps.”

Stig Andersson, Senior Technical Advisor, Silvent AB, Sweden